Born in Pessoa in 1947, Sérgio de Castro Pinto has published four books of poems. In 1994, João Batista B. de Brito, now a literary critic and professor at the University of Paraíba, defended his dissertation "Symbol and Image in Castro Pinto," the first dissertation presented to the Department of Humanities of the Federal University of Paraíba. The following authors have also written about Castro Pinto's work: Virginius da Gama e Melo, Carlos Romero, Nelly Novaes Coelho, Malcolm Silverman, Gilberto Mendonça Teles, Temístocles Linhares, Walter Galvão, Hildeberto Barbosa Filho, Reynaldo Valinho Alvarez, Alfredo Margarido, Fernando Mendes Viana, Fernando Py, Sônia Coutinho, Wellington Aguiar, Lucia Helena, Luzilá Gonçalves Ferreira, José Louzeiro, Lago Burnett, Othon Moacyr Garcia, Henrique L. Alves, Carlos Reis and Mauro Gama.In 1996, the National Association of Graduate Studies and Literary and Linguistic Investigation, during Professor Sônia Maria Van Dijck Lima's tenure as Chair, paid considerable homage to the poet, publishing the book "With Four Hands," that includes close to twenty poems written by this Paraiban author who, by 2002, will have been writing poetry for 35 years.